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1RM Back Squat


Friday, Saturday, Sunday…


Bad A$$ Benchmarks
Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE BENCHMARK WORKOUTS ARE AWESOME AND SOMETHING TO GET YOUR MIND READY FOR. We put Fight Gone Bad at the end of Fundamentals and retest it every 4-6 months because it is one of the easiest workouts to measure your progress over time. Attempt #1: 200 reps. Attempt #2: 230 reps. Easily measurable. Didn’t get more reps? Was your med ball heavier? Box higher? etc. You see the point.

We have two workouts in the next two days that will measure very different ends of the spectrum. Tomorrow, we test a 1RM Back Squat. This is a number that we will take forward into future Wendler or other strength cycles and lift off of for month/s to come. Annie is straight cardio and core. There’s nothing complicated about either of these workouts, but one will test pure strength and another will test cardiovascular respiratory endurance (plus a little skill, coordination and core conditioning).

On Monday we have one of the most mentally challenging CrossFit benchmark her WODs: Murph. It is a brutal workout that we have been preparing for: Cindy last Monday; run, 20min AMRAP, run this past Saturday, air squats yesterday, tomorrow’s AP and on and on all have been gearing you up for this. Murph has a one mile buy-in, followed by 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 air squats (completed in any combo/order), ending with another one mile run. It’s a benchmark we only test once a year.

More on Memorial Day Murph
Class times are at 9 & 10am ONLY. You still need to register for these like normal. If we have a ton of registrants, we’ll add a 9:30am time slot and update y’all via FB and ZP. Heats will start after the hour (as in normal warmup, WOD prep and then workout begins after the hour). Murph is an intimidating workout and we know that – but there are scaling options too! Think Mini-Murph or Partner Murph as more reasonable ways to participate in the action.

Our BTCF tradition, like many other CrossFit gyms, is to perform the workout and then have a post-WOD potluck picnic! We’re planning to head to the pavilion at Madison Park at 11:30am. Check out the FB event to RSVP for the picnic and let us know what you’ll be bringing. Burgers, chicken patties and whatever else Tricia shops for this weekend are on BTCF. Buns, beverages, sides and desserts are up to you!

Yoga Updates for the Summer
Due to real life, we will not be having our Sunday Yoga sessions on June 4, June 25 or July 2.

USAW Olympic Lifting Certification Course at BTCF
June 24 & 25, BTCF will be hosting a USAW clinic. This will be all day on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. The gym will be closed to non-participants. We will be posting some fun outdoor workouts to make up for being closed over the weekend. This is a rare opportunity to host a clinic like this and we are pumped! It’s a great refresher course for those who have taken it before and will be an awesome chance for our coaching staff to gain new knowledge that we can transfer to you! If you’re interested in learning more about the Cert, please talk to Jillian or Tricia.

Ps. Art got his first double under today! NICE work! You were moving too fast for a sweet snapshot.

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