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Swolemates v5 was an amazing success – the night was electrifying! Thank you all who competed for giving it your all. Thank you to the volunteers and judges who worked their butts off to bring you a fair and smooth event.  Thank you to Jillian for her spreadsheet-magic, and to Troy and Carl for keeping a watchful and judgmental eye (ha) on the athletes as they competed.  It was an awesome night!

In the Thick of IT – Squats, that is!

We are in week 6 of our 10 week squat cycle.  It’s going to get heavy and that’s where we see the biggest GAINZ!  So take this next four weeks seriously, eat well, sleep well, and you will be impressed with your capacity moving into the New Year!

Holiday Schedule

Monday              CF WOD – normal hours

Tuesday              CF WOD (Squat) – normal hours

Wednesday        CF WOD – normal hours

Thursday            Open Gym from 7-9am

Friday                  CF WOD at 8am and 9am ONLY

Saturday              CF WOD (Squat) – normal hours

Sunday                 Yoga and Open Gym – normal hours


With that being said, we have some housekeeping – I hate having to write down what feels like “rules” but we’ve gotten a bit off our path lately and we need to reign things in before they get too out of hand.

Gym Etiquette

  • Come Early, Stay Late:  We encourage you to add supplemental work to the CF WOD. But we expect it to be SUPPLEMENTAL. Each day you come to BTCF, you should be attending CF WOD.  Perhaps before or after your CF WOD, you mobilize, catch up on squats, work a weakness – all cool. You’re welcome to come early and stay late – you’re not welcome to turn regular class time into your personal WOD and then leave. Which leads me to…
  • Open Gym is Sunday (generally) from 10:15am to 12:15pm. This is the time to do your personal WOD and leave – or make up a missed CF WOD or missed squats, try something weird, work on a weakness, etc.
  • Community WOD on Saturday is the time for us to shine as a prospective client is “checking us out” – this is also NOT Open Gym time.  We want them to have the best experience they can and love BTCF as much as you all do. Coaches spend a lot of time explaining movements and talking to this class – and they shouldn’t have to do it around your max effort row or dropped barbells. Yes, the 9am class may stay late and 11am class may show up early and mobilize. We ask you, as always, to be respectful of the class and the coaches.
  • Coaches are managing the gym – all of the above is subject to the coaches OK. So check in with them before to make sure the early/late business works with the rest of the flow. If you go nuts on your own and we don’t know what’s going on, who is going to explain your ER visit to your mother? And who is going to explain it to the insurance company?  We love you, want to keep you safe, and we need to know what and where you’re working.  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


We have tons of winter BTCF gear that we will be highlighting this week for early holiday shopping!
Please ask one of the coaches to help you if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

“Bumper GraveYard”

We have set up a Bumper Graveyard….by the rowers next to the first pillar.  We have old and new bumpers mixed into the stacks of weights and would like your help weeding out the broken, loose-collared bumper plates over the next few weeks. We’ll catalog the losses and make sure we replace those that need to be replaced #onlythebestforourpeeps


Keeping with the theme of Only the Best – Kat Evers and Ana Liston have completed a weekend of classwork and passed a written test to become CrossFit Level 1 Certified!  Congratulations to Kat and Ana – we knew they were awesome before and now CrossFit has confirmed.  They will be individually working with Jillian and myself to complete their BTCF Coaching internship.  You will see them shadowing, leading warmups and skill sessions, and soon, leading classes at Birdtown.

It’s a great few weeks we have planned for you before the New Year – we hope you all stick with your nutritional and fitness goals through this holiday season.  Ask any of the coaches for help, use each other for accountability and, most of all, take a moment to appreciate your 2017 accomplishments and take stock on how much you’ve invested in your health and fitness this year.  Take pride in your strength and commitment to your well-being and ride that into 2018! We’re really proud of you!

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