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Hey Everybody!  I’m back from vacation so today is my Monday.

Creative Ideas Needed
As you may know, we participate in the Lakewood July 4 Parade each year – 2017 is our 5th year in the Parade.  We also print July 4 themed t-shirts and tanks each year for the Parade.  Your input would be appreciated – do you have an awesome idea for a July 4 design???  Bring it on!  Sketch it out – let’s talk!

Benchmarks and 1RM
SocialWOD is no more – but the information isn’t completely lost.  We will be building and updating an album on the Birdtown CrossFit FB page as a collection of board pics of benchmark WODs and 1RM for your review.  I hope to have the album updated with 2017 photos in the next few days.

As Birdtown CrossFit continues to grow, we need to keep the place clean and SAFE.  PLEASE put your personal belongings in a cubby – NOT on the floor.  This includes pants, belts, shoes, etc.

You also know that all equipment and tools need to be put away at the end of class – or after you’re finished with them.  That means PVC, bands, and mobility tools should not be leaning or hanging around.  Random J-Cups are going to be the death of me, I just know it, please take them down.

Memorial Day MURPH
Memorial Day is around the corner and we will be doing MURPH.  This is a great HERO WOD that dates back to 2005.  https://www.crossfit.com/workout/2005/08/18#/comments

USAW Sports Performance Certification Course
Birdtown is hosting this coaching certificate June 24-25, 2017.  Class Schedule will be affected.  Please look forward to updates closer to the date.

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