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Hey Everyone,

Tis the season for CrossFit! Okay, it’s always the season for CrossFit at Birdtown. But starting this past week, we’re joining in with hundreds of thousands of other athletes in the biggest CF Community event on the planet – the CrossFit Open. For five weeks, CrossFit HQ will be releasing a workout on Thursday evenings and athletes all over the world have five days to perform the workout and submit their scores online.

This is one of my favorite times of year. I remember PR’ing my squat clean and jerk at 165lbs for reps during Open Workout 11.3. In 2015, I power cleaned and push jerked 190lbs in 15.1a (UUUGE PR). It’s not just lifting heavy for me. I remember remembering how to kip and nailing Chest to Bar Pullups in a 2014 Open Workout. And in 2012, I got so excited judging 7 minutes of burpees, I just “had” to redo the workout myself. Who does that? People during the Open. They smash PRs. They push themselves harder. And they (I) love it.

From my glory days to the present day: a twenty minute workout wasn’t what was expected to kick-start the Open, but that’s also one of the things that’s so great about it. We have no idea what’s coming. Your class yesterday may or may not have run in heats with official judges. If it didn’t this time, get ready for that next time! This is a time to test standards and range of motion – we don’t judge to bring anyone down! We judge to keep standards high! When we perform these workouts with someone else keeping an eye on our movement, we all move better. And you may surprise yourself! That judge isn’t there to no rep you, they’re going to cheer the hell outta that workout too.

On Thursday’s we offer an Open Watch Party at the gym. Essentially, BTCF’ers overwhelm chipotle and then we project the CFHQ spectacle on a wall. Friday night we try and run the class a little different. Community, camaraderie and competition is our mantra for a lot of the events that we’ve run at BTCF. These Friday night workouts take that and run with it. It’s another hang out / workout sesh and hope you’ll join us during that time! If you can’t make it to a class on Friday or the Friday Night Open WOD Class, join us Sunday’s during Open Gym. We write up a list of participants on the board, sort them into heats, assign judges and demonstrate some magnificent feats of strength and functional fitness. By Monday, you need to submit your score online.

If you want to keep reading some deets about the Open and previous blogs…

Want to know more? Ask a coach! Ask me! Ask Tricia!

Yours Truly,

A participant in every Open since the beginning and looking forward to scaling the hell out of 2017,

Jillian Neimeister

Here’s a recap of the what the next five weeks will look like and a reminder on rules at BTCF:


  • Thursday Evening 8:00pm – Open Announcement by CFHQ & Watch Party at BTCF
  • Friday All Day – whatever HQ throws out at us, that’s what we’ll be doing!
  • Friday Evening 6:30pm– Open WOD Class – aka our version of “Friday Night Lights”
  • Sunday Open Gym – organized heats performing the Open Workouts
  • Monday Evening 8:00pm – Score Submission deadline
  • Wednesday Evening 8:00pm – BTCF validation deadline

The Open brings a ton of energy in the gym and we love it. But the Open still follows our everyday rules: 1) DBD. 2) Regularly scheduled program takes precedence over all other else. Offering the Open workouts on Friday and Sunday allows ample opportunity to complete the requirements within the standard time frame allowed by CFHQ. Additional open workouts are only scheduled on an individual basis for extenuating circumstances. Examples: I was at an out of town funeral, may I do the workout Monday night? Yes. I want to do it a third time. No.



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