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If you’re not a morning person, you have probably never met Andy C.  He’s a regular in the 5am class (#5amnation) for the past 4 years.  I remember the day he walked through the door the first time.  We’d been open for a few months, just getting used to the space and here comes Andy: he’s HUGE!  Tall. Hairy. Sweatshirt, baseball cap, gym bag, no smile. Little did we know his personality and drive are also larger than life.

Andy is always working hard and pushing himself through the workout.  He’s a great example of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Being inverted (upside down) is not his favorite, but he’s got a handstand!  Gymnastics are not his favorite, but he shows up and gets it done with scaling options that challenge him.  He’s also crazy-strong!  He’s got a strict press equivalent to my deadlift and he’s always taking OLY lifts seriously and moving well. If you need an icebreaker, ask him about Howard Stern, country music or skittles.

Since I sometimes sleep-walk through 5am class, I asked Coach Carl to do a write up on him:
When Andy Comer comes to mind, the first few images that pop into my head include athletic shoes, beards, bench press, and football. But these are only a few of the attributes that make up the man/myth/legend at every 5 am class for the last four years. Andy brings a distinct personality and attitude to the 5am crew during the week. Anyone can certainly tell he played DI collegiate football (Toledo) based on his ability to press massive amounts of weight. His consistent routine of 5am workouts further display the ingrained habits of a lifetime athlete. It simply isn’t 5 am BTCF without this guy.
When he isn’t destroying Barbells with his upper body, Andy coaches High School Football at Padua and is the father of two very active kids. Some of his other interests include Star Wars, NASCAR, and Cleveland sports.

Don’t let the hoodie (even over the summer) and beard intimidate you, Andy’s one of the reason 5am has been such an enjoyable class over the last several years. Say hi!

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