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Alex played collegiate tennis and was introduced to CrossFit in 2015 by his then girlfriend, Kat.  Over the last two years at Birdtown he has pushed himself, consistently working weaknesses and attacking goals.  We are continually impressed by his work ethic and determination in the gym.  Throughout all of this, he has had a knee injury challenging us as coaches and pushing us to be better.  Working with an injury allows us to get creative, find the true stimulus to a movement and work around the injury.  It’s one of our favorite aspects of coaching: modifying for every athlete.

Kat and Alex were engaged over the holidays and are planning their wedding for June 17, 2017.  Kat has this to say about Alex’s achievements and challenges in the gym:

Alex has struggled with injuries for as long as I have known him. But he has this amazing determination where he never allows himself to get down or discouraged. Rather than sulking, he accepts it, gets creative, and fights through it. Being a member at Birdtown and having the expertise and support of the coaches has been a huge asset.  Al is working through his injuries effectively and efficiently.

I admire Alex’s commitment. No matter the discomfort, pain, or annoyance he still comes to gym to get work done with absolutely zero shame in how scaled or modified his workout is.

A perfect example of Al’s growth and commitment was during this year’s CrossFit Open. He handled The Open strategically, knowing his injuries, but also his strengths. And man did he do work on his strengths! I was so proud. He completed two of the open works outs RX – with awesome scores AND did two bar muscle ups!!



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