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It’s our 5 Year Anniversary!

To celebrate this, we’re throwing back to our first BTCF workout ever from January 2, 2013. But updating it with a few extra rounds (you’re welcome).

Anniversary Workout
20 Pushups
20 Squats
20 Ball Slams
100m Row
x 5 RFT

Before we do that… we need to lift! We’ve wrapped up our 10 week long Fall Squat Cycle and took a week off. It’s time to gear back up with the new year! We’re onto our first Wendler cycle of the year. Wendler is a four week program that focuses on back squat, deadlift, press, and bench press.

Wendler Week 1
5 x 65% WM, 5 x 75% WM, ME x 85% WM
WM or Working Max = 90% of 1RM

Strength 1

Strength 2
Back Squat

Our first day!

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